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NPC Celebrates with the Sinai Bedouin Community

NPC is taking the welfare of the communities surrounding the areas where it operates seriously, and we see ourselves responsible with the Egyptian government to develop these communities and insure them a healthy environment and good living standards.

On the 17th of Sep. NPC co. and the joint operating company Petrozenima Co. had celebrated with the Sinai Bedouin community, with the beginning of the 2019/2020 school year at Abu Rudies City, by offering School bags and other school materials for the students of the city.

The target of such celebration is to build a solid relation between us and the Bedouin community of the area, we consider this a start of a long-term relationship and plan to maintain a healthy environment for our neighboring societies.

The Sinai Bedouin community represented by Mrs. Naasa Ibrahim the Chief of the Bedouin Woman Association and Mrs. Thanaa Ramadan the Chief of the Sinai Bedouin Association, and from NPC Co.on Mr. El Saied Youssef Administration General Manager and Mr. Ibrahim El Sherbini the Business Services Manager and from Petrozenima Mr. Mohamed Gobba, the Governmental Affairs Manager.